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Academic life coaching provides support and teaches teens how to be scholars. The Academic Life Coaching program, developed by John Andrew Williams, helps students develop strategies for addressing things like stress, anxiety, time management, lack of motivation, study skills, etc. An academic life coach helps high school and college students with their approach to learning and how to use various academic strategies. They work with students to develop success strategies that decrease stress and anxiety and promote success. Academic coaching focuses on the “whole student” rather than helping them with a particular subject.

What is the difference between academic coaching and tutoring?

Generally students and parents seek out a tutor for help with a specific subject because the student’s grades are poor in that subject. However, an academic coach helps a student with their overall approach to academics and the learning process. The student does not receive help with one subject, but guidance on how to approach school with various tools so that they can be successful and tackle challenges when they arise. A student does not have to have unsatisfactory grades to receive help from an academic coach. In fact, many A and B students have academic coaches to help them with time management and organization so as to reduce stress and anxiety, and improve their overall approach to their school work. In fact, many students choose to utilize both a tutor and academic coach depending on their needs. Read more HERE.

Why should I work with a coach?

Research has found that many students’ problems in school stem from a lack of skills or strategies to use when addressing schoolwork. Once a student understands how to utilize effective organization and study strategies, classes and assignments can become more manageable and less stressful. Students become more motivated and confident. Then, they can start to reap the rewards of their hard work.

Students thrive when working with a trained Academic Coach, because the coach is able to tailor specific concepts to the student and the immediate circumstances the student is facing. As a result, students see immediate improvements as well as learn valuable concepts to apply later in their lives. Students not only learn the concepts, but also have to act on them as they incorporate what they’ve learned into their daily habits and lives. The Academic Coaching Program is designed to work with the whole family system. Students are encouraged to take ownership of the program and need to choose to do this kind of work for themselves. We strive to keep everyone on the same page via email and reports on the concepts covered in the program, with information on how best to support students.