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Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lakbay7107/

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lakbay7107/

“I’ve never had a mentor that truly cared about where her students would end up in the future. School was never easy for me because I was always jumbled and all over the place, but you motivated me to become the person I’ve always dreamed of being.”

“She gave me a memorable learning experience of pushing myself out of my comfort zone, showing that creativity I didn’t think I had in me.”

“In my opinion everyone has different ways of learning. Mrs. Black was well aware of that. She changed her ways of teaching to accommodate each and everyone of her students. Because of her I am thankful I didn’t take the wrong path in life and made something of myself.”

“I appreciated that you help me to think outside the box and that being ambitious is a good thing. You taught me that I shouldn’t let obstacles stand in the way of reaching success.”

“She actually turned around my 7th grade year, because she taught me how to take really good notes, and her help is without a doubt the only reason I passed my biology course that year. When she taught me how to take Cornell Notes, it opened up a new door in terms of studying. I still use them to this day, and swear they’re the reason I’m on the Dean’s List.”

“She breaks through the barrier between teacher and student and she connects with the class in many ways. She pushed me to be a better student and inspired me to be a hard worker.”

“Mrs. Black was always encouraging to all of her students; she encouraged every one of her students to reach their full potential. She taught me valuable skills that are useful for me in my American Government class, and if it wasn’t for her I would be an unorganized student who doesn’t know how to study because I wouldn’t have learned the valuable resource of taking Cornell notes! And I’m proud to say that is my solid note taking strategy. She also made the learning environment rigorous and entertaining, while also keeping order in the classroom!